3 Reasons To Consider Sending Your Child To A Preparatory Elementary School

Preparatory elementary schools are generally private schools that are focused on helping your child develop the skills necessary to succeed as they go forward in their educational careers, and in their life. Preparatory schools have the resources to ensure that your child develops the right skills during such an important development period. Consider the following reasons for considering a preparatory elementary school for your child. 

#1 Access to All Necessary Resources

One of the big benefits of sending your child to a private school is they generally have access to more resources than your child may have access to in a private school. Private schools are funded by your tuition and by donations from private donors. Teachers are able to ask for the resources that they need and get them without having to go through a bureaucracy that requires all teachers to get the same supplies. Supplies for teachers are purchased as necessary by the school, and learning resources are invested in overtime to ensure that students have access to the right resources to fuel their learning.

#2 Curriculum is Customized

Oftentimes in public schools, you'll find that the school is using curriculum from the same publisher for all grades and all subjects, regardless of how good the curriculum is for each grade and subject. A publisher that may offer a great math curriculum may have a sub-par reading and writing program; this doesn't stop large school districts from investing in the whole package.

At private schools, the school itself chooses it curriculum and does not have to work through a large board to figure out funding. They can choose to use a different publisher for their math curriculum and their reading curriculum. They don't feel the same obligation that large school districts do to use the same curriculum for all grade levels.

This is a great advantage for your student. Your student will be getting the best curriculum on the market; not just what is most affordable.

#3 Customized Instruction

The final advantage that private schools offer is customized instruction. Most private schools are set-up so that the classroom sizes are much smaller than what you would find in a typical public school. Smaller classroom sizes are great not just for students, but for teachers as well. With smaller classrooms, teachers are able to develop closer personal relationships with students. Teachers are able to really learn about their students' needs, interests, and learning styles, and customize their instruction to really meet each student's needs instead of teaching to the common learning factor in the classroom. This will allow students to learn and advance at their own pace, and not be held back by other students.

A private elementary school with a preparatory focus will provide your child with the educational and social skills that your child will need to succeed throughout their educational career. A private elementary school will provide your child with access to necessary resources and to the best curriculum for each subject area paired with customized instruction provided by classroom teachers who really know their students' needs and interest. A preparatory elementary school is a great way to give your child the advantage they need to succeed in life.

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